Effects of Newtonian viscosity and relaxation on linear viscoelastic wave propagation

  • Andrzej Hanyga


In an important class of linear viscoelastic media the stress is the superposition of a Newtonian term and a stress relaxation term. It is assumed that the creep compliance is a Bernstein class function, which entails that the relaxation function is LICM. In this paper, the effect of Newtonian viscosity term on wave propagation is examined. It is shown that Newtonian viscosity dominates over the features resulting from stress relaxation. For comparison the effect of unbounded relaxation function is also examined. In both cases, the wave propagation speed is infinite, but the high-frequency asymptotic behavior of attenuation is different. Various combinations of Newtonian viscosity and relaxation functions, and the corresponding creep compliances are summarized.


Viscoelasticity Newtonian viscosity Stress relaxation function Creep compliance LICM functions Bernstein functions 

Mathematics Subject Classification

74D05 74J05 



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