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Steady-state thermomechanical analysis of composite laminated plate with damage based on extended layerwise method

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A steady-state thermomechanical analysis model is established for the composite laminated plate with transverse cracks and delaminations based on the extended layerwise method. The one-dimensional weak and strong discontinuous functions are employed to simulate the interlaminar interfaces and the delaminations, respectively, while the transverse crack is simulated in the in-plane displacement fields by using the standard extended finite element method. The temperature field in the thickness direction is obtained by using a one-dimensional steady-state heat conduction equation and constructed with the linear Lagrange interpolation functions in the thickness direction. In several numerical examples, the proposed model is verified for the laminated plates with/without transverse crack and/or delaminations against the classic laminated plate theory, first-order shear deformation theory, Reddy’s layerwise theory or three-dimensional elastic model.

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  • Thermomechanical analysis
  • Steady-state
  • Composite laminated plate
  • Extended layerwise method
  • Transverse cracks
  • Delaminations