Allele frequencies for 22 autosomal STRs in the Kinh population in Vietnam

  • Tran Huyen Linh 
  • Hong Trang Nguyen
  • Pham Thanh Tung 
  • Nguyen Mau Hung 
  • Ha Hoang
  • Hoang Ha Chu
Population Data


We collected and analysed the autosomal STR data of 2040 unrelated Kinh individuals living in Vietnam. Allele frequencies and forensic parameters were calculated, showing high values for the combined powers of discrimination and exclusion. Phylogenetic analysis was performed to determine the genetic relationship of the Kinh population with other Asian populations.


Short tandem repeats Autosomal STR Allele frequency Vietnamese Kinh 


Funding information

This study is financially supported by the project “Modernising the Centre of DNA Identification for identifying missing Vietnamese soldiers, Institute of Biotechnology” (Project No. 443/QĐ-VHL).

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

Ethical approval

This study was approved by the Ethical Committee of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Tran Huyen Linh 
    • 1
  • Hong Trang Nguyen
    • 1
  • Pham Thanh Tung 
    • 1
  • Nguyen Mau Hung 
    • 2
  • Ha Hoang
    • 1
  • Hoang Ha Chu
    • 1
    • 3
  1. 1.National Key Laboratory of Gene Technology, Institute of BiotechnologyVietnam Academy of Science and TechnologyHanoiVietnam
  2. 2.Centre of DNA Identification, Institute of BiotechnologyVietnam Academy of Science and TechnologyHanoiVietnam
  3. 3.Graduate University of Science and TechnologyVietnam Academy of Science and TechnologyHanoiVietnam

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