A 2D and 3D nanostructural study of naturally deformed pyrite: assessing the links between trace element mobility and defect structures

  • Renelle DubosqEmail author
  • Anna Rogowitz
  • Kevin Schweinar
  • Baptiste Gault
  • David A. Schneider
Original Paper


The links between deformation-induced micro- and nanostructures and trace element mobility in sulphide minerals have recently become a popular subject of research in the Earth sciences due to its connections with metallic ore paragenesis. It has been shown that plastic deformation in pyrite creates diffusion pathways in the form of low-angle grain boundaries that act as traps for base- and precious-metals. However, the plastic behavior of pyrite and the physiochemical processes that concentrate these trace elements in deformation-induced micro- and nanostructures remain poorly understood. In this study, we develop strategies for 2D and 3D analysis of naturally deformed sulphides by combining electron backscatter diffraction, electron channeling contrast imaging and atom probe tomography on pyrite in an attempt to better understand the underlying diffusion processes that mobilize trace elements. The combined results reveal structures associated with crystal-plastic deformation in the form of dislocations, stacking faults, and low-angle grain boundaries that are decorated by As and Co. Although our data support a dislocation-impurity pair diffusion model, we have evidence that multiple diffusion mechanisms may have acted simultaneously. In this study, we applied new data processing techniques that allow for orientation measurement of nanostructural crystal defects from atom probe tomography data. Dislocations within our studied sample occur along the (110) planes suggesting glide on {110}.


Pyrite Trace-element diffusion EBSD ECCI APT 



This project was funded by Detour Gold Corp., an SEGF student research grant (to RD), a GSA research grant (to RD), an NSERC grant (to DAS) and a postdoctoral award of the FGGA, Vienna (to AR). KS is grateful for financial support from the IMPRS-SURMAT graduate school. We greatly appreciated discussions and technical assistance from Gerlinde Habler (Vienna) and Stefan Zaefferer (Düsseldorf). Uwe Tezins and Andreas Sturm are thanked for their support of the APT and FIB facilities at MPIE. This paper benefitted from the thorough reviews by Denis Fougerouse, Sandra Piazolo, and Steve Reddy as editor.

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