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Pediatric otogenic lateral sinus thrombosis: focus on the prognostic role of contralateral venous drainage

  • Elisabetta Zanoletti
  • Gino MarioniEmail author
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editors,

We read with interest the recent article by Scorpecci et al. [1], who investigated potential clinical predictors of outcome in pediatric otogenic lateral sinus thrombosis (OLST). In particular, we appreciated their synthetic but rather complete OLST management flowchart. On the other hand, there are some controversial points which are worth to be further underlined and one aspect which might be focused better: the prognostic role of the contralateral venous drainage as the main factor affecting prognosis. To give a wider comprehension of an impending clinical condition which is far from infrequent in tertiary referral hospitals, we can state that:

  1. 1.

    when an intracranial complication is suspected, contrast-enhanced brain MRI is the rule. The use of contrast-enhanced CT, as suggested in the paper, has the risk to be inadequate. Bone high-resolution CT scan is mandatory in addition to MRI, because it helps to rule out if a mastoidectomy is indicated for the patient while...



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  1. 1.Otolaryngology Section, Department of Neuroscience DNSPadova UniversityPadovaItaly

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