Transoral laser microsurgery in early glottic cancer involving the anterior commissure

  • Christian JacobiEmail author
  • Raffaela Freundorfer
  • Maximilian Reiter
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Treatment modalities for glottic cancer comprise surgery, (chemo-)radiation, and combined treatment options. Glottic cancer involving the anterior commissure (AC) requires special preoperative assessment and surgical skills, as it is commonly considered a risk factor for local recurrence. The aim of this study is to analyze the oncological effectiveness of transoral laser microsurgery (TLM) in the early glottic cancer involving the AC.


We retrospectively analyzed the data of all patients with primary, early staged (T1–2) glottic squamous cell carcinoma who were treated between 2004 and 2014. Patients were preferably treated by TLM (rather than open surgical techniques) if appropriated transoral exposure of the endolarynx was ensured. Voice outcomes were not assessed.


186 patients with early glottic cancer were included, 143 were treated by TLM and 43 by other therapy modalities [OT open surgical techniques (n = 32) or primary (chemo-)radiation (n = 11)], respectively. In 84 patients (59%) of the TLM cohort, the AC was involved (OT cohort n = 29 (73%), p = 0.143). The 1-, 3-, and 5-year local control rates after TLM were 91%, 86%, and 81% in patients without AC infiltration and 84%, 74%, and 70% in patients with AC infiltration, respectively, showing no statistical difference (p = 0.180). The 5-year disease-free survival and laryngeal preservation rate (LPR) did not differ with regard to AC infiltration (p = 0.215 and p = 0.261). Comparing the treatment modalities, the 5-year LPR was 90% for TLM and 83% for OT regardless of infiltration of the AC (p = 0,653 and p = 0.267, respectively).


TLM is an effective surgical treatment for early glottic cancer with AC involvement in patients with adequate transoral laryngeal exposure.


Head and neck cancer Transoral laser microsurgery Anterior commissure Glottic cancer 


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