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RETRACTED ​ARTICLE: Cochlear implant device activation after 7 days in cochlear implant recipients

  • Mingfang DiaoEmail author
  • Jianjun Sun
  • Fangjie Tian
  • Yili Ding
  • Yuqing Wang

The authors have retracted this article because it contains sections that substantially overlap with the following articles (amongst others) [1,2]. All authors have agreed to this retraction. The online version of this article contains the full text of the retracted article as electronic supplementary material.

1. Alsabellha, RM., Hagr A, Al-momani MO, and Garadat SN "Cochlear Implant Device Activation and Programming : 5 Days Postimplantation", Otology & Neurotology. 35(4):e130–e134, APR 2014

2. Abdulrahman Hagr, Soha N. Garadat, Murad Al-Momani, Rabea M. Alsabellha & Fida A. Almuhawas (2015) Feasibility of one-day activation in cochlear implant recipients, International Journal of Audiology, 54:5, 323–328,

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  1. 1.Center of Otolaryngology of PLANavy General HospitalBeijingPeople’s Republic of China

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