Acknowledgement to reviewers

Acknowledgement to Referees

The Editors and Springer gratefully acknowledge the work and expertise provided by all who have kindly reviewed for the journal from November 2018 to October 2019. Without their experience and invaluable assistance, we would not have been able to expeditiously review all the submitted papers. Since space does not allow the names of all reviewers to be listed, we would like to mention those individuals who reviewed more than one review.

Aali S.

Abali R.

Abasiattai A.

Abdalla N.

Abdelazim I.

Abele H.

Abike F.

Abo Elwan Y.

Abu J.

Acien P.

Adali Y.

Agostini A.

Akaras N.

Akbarzadeh-Jahromi M.

Akpak Y. K.

Alavi S.

Albrich S.

Al-Jefout M.

Alkushi A.

Amer S.

Amorim M.

Anant M.

Angioni S.

Arabin B.

Arabipoor A.

Arikan G.

Arioz D. T.

Armbrust R.

Arora A.

Arora P.

Arslan E.

Ata B.

Ataseven B.

Atilgan R.

Aviram A.

Ayik H.

Babovic I.

Badawy A.

Bahlmann F.

Bako B.

Baloglu A.

Banys-Paluchowski M.

Banz-Jansen C.

Bardhi E.

Bardin R.

Barinoff J.

Barnaś E.

Bartnik P.

Bartz C.

Baser E.

Batista T.



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