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Is an obstetrician/gynecologist a worker, artist, or scholar? Anxiety of an old professor

  • Shigeki MatsubaraEmail author
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I thank Professor Eric Jauniaux (University College London) for his advice.

Author contributions

SM, a single author, identified the significance and wrote the manuscript. EJ helped me to write this manuscript but did not contribute to this manuscript to the extent that he becomes a coauthor. I wrote his name in Acknowledgements. EJ agreed that his name appears in Acknowledgements of this manuscript.


No funding was provided for this research.

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The author reports no conflict of interest.

Human participants or animal experiments

This article does not contain any studies involving human participants or animals.


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  1. 1.Department of Obstetrics and GynecologyJichi Medical UniversityShimotsukeJapan

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