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Efficient prevention of preterm birth as a primary political task—results of the Thuringia campaign 2017

  • Udo B. HoymeEmail author
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Prevention of preterm birth as a cause of serious risks for the infant as well as the mother is one of the still unsolved problems in modern medicine. The list of factors for miscarriage, prematurity and stillbirth is lengthy. The Thuringia preventional campaign 2017 offers an effective simple screening approach based on intravaginal pH measurement.


Screening by intravaginal pH self-measurement Effective prevention of premature birth Thuringia campaign Practical/political means 


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Conflict of interest

One of the pH devices used was developed and marketed by the author causing a potential conflict of interest.


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  1. 1.Department of Gynaecology and ObstetricsIlm-Kreis-Kliniken ArnstadtArnstadtGermany

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