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Mortality and risk factors among Israeli bullous pemphigoid patients

  • Mati RozenblatEmail author
  • Awad Halaj
  • Tal Rozenblat
  • Shani Fisher
  • Mohammad Sah
  • Roni P. Dodiuk-Gad
  • Michael Ziv
Original Paper


There are differences concerning reported mortality rates and prognostic factors of bullous pemphigoid (BP) patients in different studies. Our objectives were to evaluate the mortality rates and prognostic factors among Israeli BP patients compared to matched control subjects. Three age- and sex-matched patients without BP (n = 261) who were treated in our clinic were selected and compared to BP patients (n = 87). Mean survival period of the BP group was 4.1 years (95% CI: 3.3–4.8 years) and 5.9 years among the non-BP group (95% CI: 5.6–6.3 years). The 1-year mortality rate was 24.1% for the BP group and 6.5% for the control group. In multivariate analysis, age above 80 was a significant risk factor for mortality [HR 3.22 (95% CI, 1.15–8.96), p = 0.03], while statins intake had a protective role [HR 0.36 (95% CI, 0.15–0.88), p = 0.03]. In univariant analysis, dementia [HR 2.44 (95% CI, 1.02–5.99), p = 0.04] was a risk factor. In conclusion, BP patients’ mortality is correlated to increasing age at diagnosis, dementia, and statins use. Statins’ protective role is newly discussed in the literature.


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  1. 1.Department of DermatologyEmek Medical CenterAfulaIsrael
  2. 2.Sackler Faculty of MedicineTel Aviv UniversityTel AvivIsrael

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