Prof. DSc Vladimir Sergeyev celebrates his 60th anniversary on November 15, 2018

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Vladimir Sergeyev graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) in 1981. After the graduation, Vladimir Sergeyev started his career at the Chair of Polymer Science where he advanced from a Junior Researcher to a Principal Researcher, having obtained his PhD in 1988 on ultralow temperature polymerization and his DSc in 2004 on complexation of nucleic acids with oppositely charged amphiphiles in aqueous and organic media. Since 2007, Vladimir Sergeyev has been the Head of the Laboratory of Polyelectrolytes and Biopolymers (Chair of Polymer Science, Department of Chemistry, MSU), and in 2016, he became the Head of the Chair of Colloid Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, MSU.

The pioneering studies by Vladimir Sergeyev performed in close collaboration with Prof. Victor Kabanov (MSU), Prof. Kenichi Yoshikawa (Nagoya and Kyoto Universities), and others successfully revealed fundamental features of DNA interaction with oppositely charged amphiphilic molecules and properties of the resulting complexes. These studies have been well recognized in Russia and abroad and were awarded the prestigious Lomonosov Prize from MSU. Later, areas of interest of Vladimir Sergeyev broadened to the mechanism of the interaction of polyelectrolytes with conductive polymers and carbon nanotubes. These studies, carried out in collaboration with New York and Nagoya Universities as well as LG Chem Ltd. (a Korean chemical company), are important in view of constructing a novel generation of biosensors. At present, Vladimir Sergeyev’s research is focused on properties of polymeric membranes and gel polymer electrolytes—innovative materials for energy storage devices. These studies are performed together with research groups of the Chemistry and Physics Departments of MSU and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow.

The results of Vladimir Sergeyev’s research have been outlined in in several books (“Recent Research Developments in Chemical Science,” “DNA Interaction with Polymers and Surfactants,” “Polyphosphazenes for Biomedical Applications”, etc.) and are reflected in more than 180 academic papers and reviews as well as 14 patents.

Vladimir Sergeyev is especially attentive to the training of younger professional scientists. He was an invited lecturer in South Korea (at LG Chem) and invited professor in Japan (Nagoya University). His disciples work in the fields of research and chemical education in, among others, Russia, Japan, Singapore, and the USA. At MSU, Vladimir Sergeyev has given a series of lecture courses in polymer as well as in colloid and surface chemistry.

Being an alumnus of MSU, Vladimir Sergeyev puts a lot of efforts into the development of Department of Chemistry together with his colleagues. His sincere interest in the promoting of modern scientific trends in MSU, tactfulness, adherence to principles, and kindness creates a very special atmosphere in his team.

We are very pleased to bring out this special issue of contributions from his current and former colleagues, and we would like to thank all scientists who joined our birthday congratulations by contributing to this special issue.


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