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, Volume 293, Issue 12, pp 3527–3531 | Cite as

Super-gelator formation based on 4,4′-oxybisbenzenamine derivative

  • Aiping GaoEmail author
  • Na Zhao
  • Qiuli Cheng
  • Ruxue Xu
  • Jinshuang Wang
  • Xinhua CaoEmail author
Original Contribution


In this work, a new gelator containing 4,4′-oxybisbenzenamine and two cholesterol group was synthesized which could form a super-gel in DMF with the critical gelation concentration of 0.18 wt.%. The self-assembly structure and the formation mechanism had been studied and certified by field emission scanning electron microscopy, UV–vis, IR, XRD and structure surface wetting experiment data. The nanofibre structure was obtained with the contact angle of 135°. The “H-aggregate” self-assembly mode was adopted in organogel system. H-bonding and π–π stacking were the main driving force for the organogel formation.


Super-gel Self-assembly Cholesterol group Non-covalent interaction Hydrophobicity 



The authors gratefully acknowledge Prof. Tao Yi of Fudan University for partial experimental support and research fellowships.


This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21401159), the program for University Innovative Research Team of Henan (2012IRTSHN017, 15IRTSTHN001), and the development projects of Henan Province Science and Technology (132300410090), a project supported by the Youth Sustentation Fund of Xinyang Normal University (2014-QN-053).


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  1. 1.College of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringXinyang Normal UniversityXinyangPeople’s Republic of China

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