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Commentary to “Fact or myth? The long shared common wall between the fistula and the urethra in male anorectal malformations with urethral bulbar fistula”

  • Alberto PeñaEmail author
  • Andrea Bischoff

The first impression after reading this paper is a negative one. Using the word “myth” and “dogma” when referring to an anatomic feature seen and documented repeatedly (hundreds of times) by direct observation, is ludicrous. It is like looking at the sky and say that it is blue and then somebody decided to verify the color of the sky using a new sophisticated colorimeter and found that the sky is black!!

We must ask ourselves: how do the authors could reach such conclusions so distant and opposed to the direct intra-operative observations? The only possible answer is that the methods that they used were inaccurate and misleading, which may have induced them to create a new real “dogma”.

The measurement of the common wall using the images of the distal colostogram, I think, is not reliable. The radiologic images presented in this paper show a space between the rectum and the urinary tract. The rectum is full of contrast as well as the urinary tract; the space in between them has no...

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