A rare case of a pediatric white epidermoid cyst

  • Paige LundyEmail author
  • Paul Grabb
Case Report


White epidermoid cysts are a rare entity that present with atypical signal characteristics on MRI in comparison to typical epidermoid cysts. This can mislead a practitioner when trying to formulate a differential diagnosis based on imaging. We present the case of 15-year-old girl who presented with a pontine-medullar junction mass. This mass did not follow typical signal characteristics for known lesions. The mass was ultimately found to be an epidermoid cyst based on pathology findings. This lesion has rarely been reported in pediatric patients (J Pediatr Neurosci 9(1):52–54, 2014; Singap Med J 53(8):179–181, 2012). Here we present a rare case of an intracranial white epidermoid in a pediatric patient (Neurol India 62(5):577–579, 2014; Singap Med J 53(8):179–181, 2012; Am J Neuroradiol 19:1111–1112, 1998).


Epidermoid cyst White epidermoid Contrast enhancing Pontomedullary 


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