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Pediatric meningiomas: a report of 5 cases and review of literature

  • Sukwoo Hong
  • Kenichi Usami
  • Daisuke Hirokawa
  • Hideki OgiwaraEmail author
Case Report



The purpose of this paper is to provide novel insight into the rare pediatric meningiomas.


We retrospectively analyzed pediatric surgical cases of meningioma during 2002 to 2017 in our institution. The preoperative, intraoperative, and the postoperative status were collected to find any unique features that has not reported in the past.


Nine surgeries out of 5 patients were identified. The mean age was 7 years old (range 1–14 years old). Four patients were females. The mean tumor diameter was 52 mm (range 23–81 mm). The tumor locations were optic nerve sheath, Sylvian fissure, parasagittal, trigone of the lateral ventricle, and cerebellopontine angle. The Sylvian fissure meningioma without dural attachment (MWODA) was found in a 15-month-old female. A relapsed parasagittal meningioma showed regression in histological grade and residual tumor demonstrated spontaneous regression. In the initial surgeries, Simpson grade 1 resection was achieved in 2 cases. The pathological diagnoses were 1 meningothelial, 1 metaplastic, 2 atypical, and 1 clear cell meningiomas. The mean postoperative follow-up period was 71 months. Three patients experienced recurrence of the tumor. At the latest follow-up, all patients were free of radiological tumor recurrence or regrowth with a mean follow-up of 4 years (range 1–6.9 years). All patients were in the modified Rankin scale of 0–1.


MWODA is not considered to be rare in pediatric meningioma and should be included in the differential diagnosis. We presented a histologically regressed relapsed meningioma, which spontaneously regressed after subtotal resection. In the case of recurrent meningioma, surgical resection and adjuvant radiation therapy could be effective for long-term control of the tumor.


Meningioma Children Spontaneous regression Dural attachment 


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