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Pediatric nodular fasciitis at the roof of the optic canal causing decreased vision: case report and review of the literature

  • Ako Matsuhashi
  • Kenichi Usami
  • Eitaro Ishisaka
  • Hideki OgiwaraEmail author
Case Report


We present a 3-year-old girl with decreased visual acuity of the left eye. Radiological studies revealed a mass lesion at the roof of the left optic canal with bony erosion, which compressed the left optic nerve. Gross total resection of the mass and decompression of the optic canal were performed. Histopathological study was consistent with nodular fasciitis. This is the first report of nodular fasciitis at the roof of the optic canal in a young child. Nodular fasciitis compressing the optic nerve should be included in differential diagnoses of optic neuropathy in young children.


Nodular fasciitis Optic canal Decreased vision 


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