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A Note on Saturation for Berge-G Hypergraphs

  • Maria AxenovichEmail author
  • Christian Winter
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For a graph \(G=(V,E)\), a hypergraph H is called Berge-G if there is a hypergraph \(H'\), isomorphic to H, so that \(V(G)\subseteq V(H')\) and there is a bijection \(\phi : E(G) \rightarrow E(H')\) such that for each \(e\in E(G)\), \(e \subseteq \phi (e)\). The set of all Berge-G hypergraphs is denoted \(\mathcal {B}(G)\). A hypergraph H is called Berge-Gsaturated if it does not contain any subhypergraph from \(\mathcal {B}(G)\), but adding any new hyperedge of size at least 2 to H creates such a subhypergraph. Since each Berge-G hypergraph contains |E(G)| hypergedges, it follows that each Berge-G saturated hypergraph must have at least \(|E(G)|-1\) edges. We show that for each graph G that is not a certain star and for any \(n\ge |V(G)|\), there are Berge-G saturated hypergraphs on n vertices and exactly \(|E(G)|-1\) hyperedges. This solves a problem of finding a saturated hypergraph with the smallest number of edges exactly.


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We thank Casey Tompkins for useful discussions and carefully reading the manuscript. Research of the second author was supported in part by Talenx stipendium.


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  1. 1.Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyKarlsruheGermany

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