Experiments in Fluids

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Fast pressure-sensitive paint for understanding complex flows: from regular to harsh environments

  • Di Peng
  • Yingzheng LiuEmail author
Review Article


This review summarizes state-of-the-art knowledge on fast-responding pressure-sensitive paint (fast PSP), which has evolved into a powerful experimental tool for studying complex flow problems. As the formulation of porous paint with kilohertz response is now well established, full-field pressure measurements with high spatial and temporal resolution have been achieved on both stationary and moving targets. Recent studies have significantly advanced every aspect of this technology, including paint development, theoretical modeling, system integration and data processing. Novel paint formulations with superior sensing properties and additional functions for multi-physical measurements are being continually developed. The dynamic response mechanism is better understood through analysis and modeling considering the processes of photoluminescence, gas diffusion and light transmission. More importantly, applications of fast PSP are being expanded from regular wind-tunnel tests to more challenging conditions featuring hypervelocity, fast rotation and high temperature. Interdisciplinary research has played a key role in these development processes, and will remain vital for future breakthroughs in PSP technology.

Graphic abstract

List of symbols


Coefficient of Stern–Volmer equation


Coefficient of Stern–Volmer equation


Oxygen diffusion coefficient in PSP binder


Fractal dimension of the porous binder


Paint thickness




Intensity at the beginning of luminescent decay


Intensity of gate 1


Intensity of gate 2


Intensity at reference condition




Pressure at reference condition


Surface roughness




Stagnation temperature


Temperature at reference condition




Test duration


Temperature change


Luminescent lifetime


Time constant of oxygen diffusion


Luminescent lifetime at reference condition


Angular velocity



This work was supported by funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC No. 11725209 and No. 11872038).


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