Single-port robotic surgery: the next generation of minimally invasive urology

  • Ryan W. Dobbs
  • Whitney R. Halgrimson
  • Susan Talamini
  • Hari T. Vigneswaran
  • Jessica O. Wilson
  • Simone CrivellaroEmail author
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The da Vinci Single-Port (SP) platform (Intuitive Surgical Inc, Sunnyvale CA) is a recently approved robotic surgical platform which features several novel modifications from previously available single trocar models including a flexible camera, articulating instruments, and navigator guidance for real-time monitoring of instrument position. We sought to describe our clinical experience with this device as well as to review the current literature related to the use of the SP platform.


We provide a narrative review of clinical data related to single-port robotic surgery within the field of urology. In addition, we report our initial clinical experience for surgical procedures performed with the SP platform between December 2018 and April 2019 following installation of the system at our institution.


Currently, the presently available literature for single-port robotic urological surgery consists of single-center case reports and series. Most major robotic urologic operations appear technically feasible using the da Vinci SP platform; however, additional multi-center studies and randomized trials are needed to determine what role the SP platform will play.


Rather than an iterative step or a niche system, the SP platform provides for a new approach to single-site laparoscopic or robotic techniques and is demonstrated as a feasible approach for several major robotic urological operations. While comparative studies will be required to evaluate perioperative and long-term outcomes between SP and multi-port platforms, further technological advances will continue to push surgeons towards less morbid and more minimally invasive approaches for surgery.


Robotics Minimally invasive surgery Prostatectomy Nephrectomy 




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Conflict of interest

Dr. Crivellaro is a consultant for Intuitive Surgical.


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  • Whitney R. Halgrimson
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  • Susan Talamini
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  • Hari T. Vigneswaran
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  • Jessica O. Wilson
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  • Simone Crivellaro
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  2. 2.Department of Urology, College of MedicineUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoChicagoUSA

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