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Genome-wide Identification, Phylogenetic Analysis, and Expression Profiling of CONSTANS-like (COL) Genes in Vitis vinifera

  • Ling Wang
  • Jingyi Xue
  • Weina Dai
  • Yujin Tang
  • Peijie Gong
  • Yuejin Wang
  • Chaohong ZhangEmail author


The CONSTANS (CO) gene plays an important role in the flowering of plants. However, the other precise roles of the CO gene are poorly understood. We carried out a genomic census and analysis of expression patterns for CONSTANS-like genes in Vitis vinifera (VviCOLs) to reveal the molecular characteristics of VviCOLs. Twelve VviCOLs were identified and 11 of their full-length complementary DNAs were cloned. Multiple sequence alignment suggested the VviCOLs contained B-box and CCT conserved domains. We further classified the VviCOLs into three groups according to the variability of the second B-box domain. Synteny analysis showed that eight orthologous gene pairs were identified between grapevine and Arabidopsis, suggesting that eight pairs may descend from a common evolutionary ancestor. Tissue expression analysis of COL genes in cv. Pinot Noir showed VviCOL11a and VviCOL11b were specifically expressed in flower bud, whereas VviCOL16b was only expressed in leaves. Ten VviCOLs were expressed in the developing ovule and six of them showed higher expression in the ovule of cv. Thompson Seedless than that of cv. Pinot Noir, indicating that VviCOLs were involved in the process of seed development or ovule abortion. Furthermore, nine of twelve VviCOLs were expressed in cv. Pinot Noir leaves and all of these nine genes had a response to exogenous hormone application. In summary, our findings provide a new insight into the further studies of VviCOLs, especially in terms of seed development and hormone response.


Vitis vinifera CONSTANS-like Seed development Hormone stress Expression profiles 



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.31372023) and Modern Agro-industry Technology Research System (No. CARS-30-yz-7).

Author Contributions

CHZ conceived and designed the experiments. LW and JYX performed the experiments. LW, WND, YJT, PJG, and CHZ analyzed the data and manuscript modification. CHZ and YJW contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools. LW and CHZ contributed to the writing of the manuscript.

Compliance with Ethical Standards

Conflict of interest

The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interest.

Supplementary material

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