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Identification and Characterization of ATP/ADP Isopentenyltransferases (ATP/ADP PpIPTs) Genes in Peach

  • Min-ji Li
  • Qin-ping Wei
  • Fu-tian PengEmail author
  • Wen Yu
  • Jing-jing Luo
  • Yong-fei Zhao


ATP/ADP isopentenyltransferase (IPTs) genes encode key enzymes involved in cytokinin synthesis. In this study, the functions of ATP/ADP PpIPTs in peach were investigated. According to the genome sequence, we have found and verified that there are four members of this gene family in peach, namely, PpIPT1, PpIPT3, PpIPT5, and PpIPT7. Overexpression of each of these genes in Arabidopsis resulted in increased levels of cytokinins in the transgenic plants, confirming their roles in cytokinin synthesis. Numerous altered phenotypes were observed in the transgenic plants, including vigorous growth and enhanced salt resistance. ATP/ADP PpIPTs were expressed in tissues throughout the plant, but the expression patterns differed between the genes. Only PpIPT3 was upregulated within 2 h after the application of nitrate to N-deprived peach seedlings, and the increase was resistant to pre-treatment of a specific nitrate metabolism inhibitor. Results showed that ATP/ADP PpIPT expression levels decreased significantly in pulp within 2 weeks after flowering and remained low. However, pulp cytokinin levels were quite high during this time. Only PpIPT5 in seed increased significantly within 2 weeks after flowering, which was consistent with cytokinin levels during early fruit development, suggesting that PpIPT5 in seed is the key gene for cytokinin biosynthesis during early fruit development. ATP/ADP PpIPT expression also increased significantly during later fruit development in seed.


ATP/ADP PpIPTs Peach (Prunus persicaFruit Tissue-specific expression Plant hormone Nitrate 



This work was supported by China Agriculture Research System; CARS-31-3-03;

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  • Qin-ping Wei
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  • Fu-tian Peng
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  • Wen Yu
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  2. 2.College of Horticulture Science and Engineering/State Key Laboratory of Crop BiologyShandong Agricultural UniversityTai’anPeople’s Republic of China

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