Applied Physics B

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Pulse compression in graphene-clad microfiber as a saturable absorber in mode-locked fiber lasers: modeling and analysis

  • Vahid Ashoori
  • Mahdi ShayganmaneshEmail author


In this paper, the outstanding influence of self-phase modulation (SPM) induced by thermal nonlinear refractive index (TNRI) in graphene-clad microfiber on laser pulse width, during the mode-locking process, is demonstrated for the first time. To meet the requirements, analytical relations for effective absorption coefficient of graphene-clad microfiber (GCM), thermal nonlinear refractive index and self-phase-modulation parameter are presented. Improvement on pulse compression process by optimizing the GCM parameters such as microfiber diameter and graphene length is studied by the aid of Haus master equation.



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