Applied Physics B

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Bound states of chirped Airy–Gaussian beams in a medium with a parabolic potential

  • Xiaoqin Bai
  • Yuhao Wang
  • Jing Zhang
  • Yan XiaoEmail author


Starting from the normalized dimensionless linear parabolic (Schrödinger-like) equation, by means of split-step Fourier numerical simulation, in this paper we investigate the interaction between two chirped Airy–Gaussian (CAiG) beams in a medium with a parabolic potential. We find that a parabolic potential provides interesting effects and supports the bound states of two CAiG beams. We also study the effect of chirps and found that large enough chirps will weaken the energy of bound states. Moreover, initial parameters of the beams, initial interval, amplitudes, and distribution factor, are taken into consideration as well.



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  1. 1.College of Physics and Electronics EngineeringShanxi UniversityTaiyuanChina

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