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Crystal structure, spectroscopic analyses, linear and third-order nonlinear optical properties of anthracene-based chalcone derivative for visible laser protection

  • Parutagouda Shankaragouda PatilEmail author
  • Shivaraj R. Maidur
  • Jitendra R. Jahagirdar
  • Tze Shyang Chia
  • Ching Kheng Quah
  • Mohd Shkir


Chalcone derivatives have fascinated the growing attention due to their nonlinear optical (NLO) and optical limiting (OL) properties. In the present study, a simple anthracene-based chalcone, (E)-1-(9-anthryl)-3-(4-nitrophenyl)prop-2-en-1-one (abbreviated as N-ANC), was synthesized as a new NLO material. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction, TGA/DTA, NMR (1H & 13C), FT-IR and UV–Vis–NIR spectroscopies, and DFT studies were performed. The intermolecular interactions were described by Hirshfeld surface analysis (HSA). In addition, static dipole moment (µ), and polarizability (α) were also computed by DFT calculations. Experimentally, the third-order NLO properties of N-ANC were investigated in solutions for two concentrations (1 and 5 mM) by Z-scan technique. Closed aperture Z-scan reveals that N-ANC possesses negative type of nonlinearity (self defocusing) with nonlinear refractive index n2 ~ 10−8 cm2W−1. In open aperture Z-scan, N-ANC exhibits strong two-photon absorption (TPA) with TPA coefficient β ~ 10−5 cmW−1. The evaluated one-photon and two-photon figures of merit of N-ANC satisfy the conditions for all-optical switching applications. Moreover, optical limiting nature based on TPA was performed and limiting threshold was evaluated. The results show that N-ANC exhibits good limiting characteristics because of its strong reverse saturable absorption (RSA) response, and thus, it is a promising material for NLO devices.



Dr. P.S. Patil thank the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Government of India, for Core Research Grant (EMR/2017/003632). CKQ and TSC thank the Malaysian Government and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) for Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) (203/PFIZIK/6711563). Author M.Shkir would like to express his gratitude to King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia for providing administrative and technical support.

Additional Information

Crystallographic information file of N-ANC was deposited at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre with CCDC deposition no. 1498306. This data can be obtained free of charge via (or from the CCDC, 12 Union Road, Cambridge CB2 1EZ, UK; Fax: +44 1223 336033; E-mail:

Supplementary material

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  • Parutagouda Shankaragouda Patil
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    Email author
  • Shivaraj R. Maidur
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  • Jitendra R. Jahagirdar
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  • Tze Shyang Chia
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  • Ching Kheng Quah
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  • Mohd Shkir
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsK.L.E. Institute of TechnologyHubballiIndia
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsShri Siddeshwar Government First Grade College and PG Study CenterNaragund, GadagIndia
  3. 3.X-ray Crystallography Unit, School of PhysicsUniversiti Sains MalaysiaPenangMalaysia
  4. 4.Advanced Functional Materials and Optoelectronic Laboratory (AFMOL), Department of Physics, Faculty of ScienceKing Khalid UniversityAbhaSaudi Arabia

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