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Dual-cladding high birefringence photonic crystal fiber with elliptical-core

  • Chunhua Jia
  • Ning Wang
  • Keyao Li
  • Hongzhi JiaEmail author


A novel elliptical core photonic crystal fiber (EC-PCF) is proposed with a trapezoidal outer cladding and three different inner claddings in this paper. The material of proposed fiber is a combination of the background material of silica and core material of As2S3. Using the finite element method (FEM) with the boundary condition of the circular perfectly matched layer (C-PML), the effect of different inner cladding structures (ellipse plus circles, strip circles, and hexagonal circles) on birefringence and nonlinear coefficients is analyzed. Simulation results show that the inner cladding has revealed a high birefringence in the order of 3.3136 × 10-1 with strip circles, while the nonlinear coefficients for x- and y-polarization is 2.81 × 104 w−1/km and 2.09 × 104 w−1/km at an operation wavelength of 1.55 μm, respectively. The demonstration of our proposed fiber can supply a feasible method for optical communication and supercontinuum generation.



I would like to thank N. Wang and H. Z. Jia who provided language help during the research.

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  1. 1.Shanghai Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Systems, School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering Research Center of Optical Instruments and Systems, Ministry of EducationUniversity of Shanghai for Science and TechnologyShanghaiChina

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