Applied Physics B

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A reduced ABC model for the carrier imbalance problem in GaN/InGaN quantum wells

  • M. SalisEmail author
  • P. C. Ricci
  • C. M. Carbonaro


A reduction of the ABC model that deals with the carrier imbalance problem in GaN/InGaN quantum wells is proposed. It is shown that, after the definition of a proper effective carrier density, the band-to-band recombination rate can be expressed using only one probability coefficient, thus reducing the free parameters of the model with no loss of efficiency. On the contrary, the reduced model allows a more efficient description of the carrier density in the high current regime and expressing the carrier lifetime in a large range of current densities as \(\tau \propto 1/\sqrt J\). In addition, by checking experimental data available in the literature, we show that the reduced model allows a better match of the internal quantum efficiency droop curve vs current density as compared to the ABC model and equivalent to more sophisticated package-based models.


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