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Possibility of estimating high-intensity-laser plasma parameters by modelling spectral line profiles in spatially and time-integrated X-ray emission

  • A. S. Martynenko
  • I. Yu. Skobelev
  • S. A. PikuzEmail author


We address an issue of measuring the parameters of an envolving laser-produced plasma commonly observable in high-energy density physics experiments. Available diagnostic equipment does not provide enough temporal, and often spatial, resolution to distinguish the signal coming from the region and timeframe of outmost interest, where deposited energy density reaches its maximum. In this paper, we propose and describe an approach that makes it possible to estimate the plasma parameters existing at the time of the main laser pulse arrival, as well as on later stages of plasma expansion. It is based on the analysis of X-ray spectral line profiles in multicharged ion spectra registered in simple time and spatially integrated mode. As an example, specific calculations were made for Lyβ line of Al XIII and Heβ line of Al XII and can be used to diagnose aluminum plasmas with an electron temperature of 400–1000 eV, assuming that expanding plasma was homogeneous at every moment.



The work was done under financial support of Russian Science Foundation (Grant #17-72-20272). The work of A.S. Martynenko was also supported in part by Competitiveness program of NRNU MEPhI.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Joint Institute for High Temperatures RASMoscowRussia
  2. 2.National Research Nuclear University MEPhIMoscowRussia

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