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16-Port tunable fiber laser based on a digital micromirror device in C-band

  • Jinliang Li
  • Xiao ChenEmail author
  • Min Lv
  • Yunshu Gao
  • Genxiang Chen


A 16-port tunable fiber laser is experimentally demonstrated based on a digital micromirror device (DMD). This laser has the capacity of tuning wavelength from 16 ports flexibly and independently in the whole C-band by only one 0.55-in. DMD chip, a blazed grating for waveband de-multiplexing and a zoom optics system for beam mapping. The results show the outputs from all fiber rings exhibit high uniformity, stability and reliability. The 3-dB linewidth of laser output is less than 0.02 nm, the SMSR exceeds 50 dB and the crosstalk between wavelength channels from adjacent ports is up to 45 dB. The wavelength shift is below 0.02 nm and the output power fluctuation is better than 0.13 dB within 1 h. This multi-port tunable fiber laser is expected to play the role of 16 or even more independent tunable lasers in network application.



We acknowledge the financial support from the National Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 61675238), and National Key Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project (Grant no. 61627814).


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