Applied Physics B

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PT-symmetric system based optical modulator

  • Fakhroddin NazariEmail author
  • Shahab Abdollahi


This paper introduces a novel approach based on linear parity-time (PT) symmetry for realization of an optical modulator. The suggested optical modulator is attained by embedding PT-symmetric couplers within the arms of a Mach–Zehnder interferometer configuration. The asymmetric evolution behavior of light propagation and interference effect play the key role in the proposed PT-symmetric based modulator. The extinction ratio of the proposed modulator is as high as 56.97 dB. Moreover, it is shown that the normalized light intensity of the modulator output exponentially varies by increasing the gain/loss coefficients. Finally, it is demonstrated that just by an active arm (the gain waveguide) of the PT-symmetric coupler, a similar evolution of the light propagation can be achieved along the modulator structure.



The authors wish to extend their appreciation to Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) for its support during this project.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Engineering Modern TechnologiesAmol University of Special Modern TechnologiesAmolIran
  2. 2.Faculty of EngineeringHadaf High Education InstituteSariIran

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