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Improvement in the linear and nonlinear optical properties of Mn-doped GeSe2 chalcogenide thin films for all optical applications

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Novel magnetic semiconductors in bulk as well as in thin-film form are of great interest for spintronic device applications. Here, we report on the melt-quenched alloys of Mn-doped GeSe2 chalcogenide thin films deposited on microscopic glass substrates via the thermal evaporation. The optical properties of the thin films are investigated utilising the X-ray diffraction, and reflectance spectroscopy. Reflection spectroscopy data analysis shows that the deposited thin films are semiconducting, and the transitions are indirect. The values of optical band gap decrease from 2.03 to 1.58 eV with the Mn content. The disorder parameter shows a decrease with the Mn substitution. The addition of Mn in GeSe2 chalcogenide thin-film semiconductors shows an improvement in the linear and the nonlinear refractive index. The linear refractive index increases from 2.60 to 3.14 with the addition of Mn in GeSe2 chalcogenide thin-film semiconductors.

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The author (A. Dahshan) gratefully thanks the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khalid University for the financial support through research groups program under grant number (R.G.P.2/34/40). Authors are thankful to Dr. Deep Shikha Sharma for language editing.

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