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Stress relaxation in LTPS TFT backplane by architecture modulation on plastic

  • Chang Bum ParkEmail author


The effect of structural design on inorganic backplanes was discussed to achieve highly bendable characteristics for flexible electronic applications. Based on a low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) thin-film transistor backplane, the failure mechanics and tolerance of structures were implemented as a function of backplane geometry and stress value. Results showed that the strain resistance increased in the thin-film backplane by adopting island geometry under bending stress, which was against the fatigue formation with enhanced resilience. The electrical integrity of transistors was achieved at the bending radius of a few millimeters for an island backplane architecture, and the conventional structured inorganic backplanes underwent a significant change in electromechanical feature under the mechanical cyclic bending stress. The stress analysis on the bended surface and the stability behaviors of plastic backplanes embedded in different configurations also showed that the mesh-like islanded geometry in a bending system willingly helped to release the accumulated sheer stress in the thin films.



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  1. 1.Corporate R&D CenterLG DisplayPaju-siRepublic of Korea

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