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Physical study of cobalt ferrite and its application in purification of water

  • Rania RamadanEmail author


The purpose of this work to find the effect of magnetic material on adsorption of heavy metal cations (Cr6+, Cd2+ and Cu2+). Consequently, hexagonal cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) was prepared simply by flash method followed by calcination. The prepared sample was characterized using X-ray diffraction and FTIR which revealed the structure of nanoferrite. Field emission scanning electron microscopy and EDX explore the hexagonal-shaped product. The obtained results from surface area analysis (BET) showed that cobalt ferrite has large surface area (71.564 m2/g). The magnetic properties were studied by VSM and Faraday’s method from which the sample acts as ferromagnetic material with large value of saturation magnetization (66.380 emu/g). Electrical properties such as conductivity and activation energy were studied using LCR bridge; the data confirmed semiconductor behavior of sample. The sample under investigation exhibited very good adsorption efficiency for heavy metal cation (Cr6+, Cd2+ and Cu2+) from wastewater. The maximum adsorption appeared for Cd6+ at pH 6 and contact time 8 h.



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