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Novel 2-naphthol luminophors for optoelectronics

  • K. G. ManeEmail author
  • P. B. Nagore
  • S. R. PujariEmail author


A new class of 2-naphthol luminophors doped with varying amounts of pyrene were prepared by applying standard solid-state reaction method to sight new luminophors which emit at a higher wavelength. The optical and electrochemical properties of prepared luminophors were studied by fluorimetry and cyclic voltammetry technique, respectively. The fluorescence spectrum of doped 2-naphthol showed broad fluorescence band at maximum wavelength 450 nm for 1 × 10–1 mol pyrene per mole 2-naphthol. The shifted broad spectra confirmed the exciplex formation between 2-naphthol and pyrene in the excitation state. On the basis of electrochemical data, energy levels of HOMO and LUMO were obtained for the prepared luminophors. The observed values fit between 5.70–5.72 eV and 3.02–3.09 eV, respectively. Their thermal stability was studied by TGA–DSC analysis. The SEM images evidenced crystal size of ~ 115 nm. Thus, the overall study proposes that the prepared novel luminophors are useful in optoelectronics.



The authors are thankful to Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility center (SAIF), Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and to the Instrumentation Centre, Solapur University, Solapur, Maharashtra, India. The authors also express special thanks to Dr. Sutrave and Mr. Sangam Gaikwad of Electronic Department of D.B.F. Dayanand College of Arts and Science, Solapur, Maharashtra, India

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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Doshi Vakil Arts and G.C.U.B. Science and Commerce CollegeGoregaonIndia
  2. 2.D.B.F. Dayanand College of Arts and ScienceSolapurIndia

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