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Magnetic and microwave absorption properties of SrZnCoFe16O27/CoFe2O4 and SrZnCoFe16O27/SrFe12O19 composite powders

  • P. Azizi
  • S. M. MasoudpanahEmail author
  • S. Alamolhoda


SrZnCoFe16O27/CoFe2O4 (SrW/CFO) and SrZnCoFe16O27/SrFe12O19 (SrW/SrM) composite powders were prepared by solution combustion synthesis method using the mixture of precursor solutions of SrW, CFO, and SrM species. With addition of CFO precursor solution, some amounts of SrM phase rather than SrW phase were formed. The SrW/CFO composite powders were consisted of platelet-like SrW particles being mixed with cubic-like spinel particles, while only hexagonal particles were observed in SrW/SrM composite powders. The microwave absorption measurements in X band (8–12 GHz) exhibited the maximum absorption of − 8.1 dB at 10.1 GHz by the SrW/CFO composite powders, while the SrW/SrM composite powders showed the minimum reflection loss of − 16.5 dB at 9.7 GHz with the bandwidth of 3.53 GHz at matching thickness of 3.3 mm.



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