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Synthesis and improvement of photocatalytic performance of ZnMn2O4/ZnMgO composite layered microspheres

  • X. Q. WeiEmail author
  • N. Guo
  • G. X. Wang
  • X. R. Ma


The hierarchical ZnMn2O4 and ZnMn2O4/ZnMgO composite nanospheres have been successfully synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method, respectively. The effect of growth time of ZnMn2O4 on structure and photocatalytic performance has been investigated. The ZnMn2O4 nanospheres fabricated at 24 h show the optimal structure, morphology and photocatalytic performance. ZnMn2O4/ZnMgO composite microsphere with many flaky structures was obtained. The ZnMn2O4/ZnMgO microsphere with an interior hollow regular nanosheets is highly beneficial in improving the photocatalytic performance. The photocatalytic performance of ZnMn2O4/ZnMgO composite structure is improved obviously than that of pure ZnMn2O4. The mechanism of the increasing photocatalytic performance for ZnMn2O4/ZnMgO compound structure is discussed. These results indicate the hierarchical ZnMn2O4/ZnMgO composite nanospheres promising applications as high-performance photocatalytic materials.



The authors are grateful for the financial support by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant no. 11304120), the Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation (ZR2013AM008, ZR2009FZ006, ZR2010EL017).


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