Applied Physics A

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Gas sensing performances of pure and Cu-doped ZrO2 nano structures

  • E. Hemalatha
  • N. GopalakrishnanEmail author


In this paper, we report the gas sensing studies of pure and Cu-doped (3%, 5%, 10%, and 15%) ZrO2 synthesized by conventional precipitation method using ZrOCl2·8H2O and CuCl2·2H2O as precursor, distilled water as solvent and NaOH as a stabilizing agent. The films have been prepared by drop casting method and subjected to XRD, SEM, IV measurement, UV-DRS spectroscopy and photoluminescence studies to characterize the material properties. SEM images shows that the samples have uniform distributed spherical like structure. The IV measurement certifies the ohmic contact of the samples with electrode. The emission peak obtained in PL study validates the presence of oxygen vacancies in the prepared samples. From the UV-DRS study, band gap of the samples were found to decrease with increase in doping concentration. The gas sensing ability of the prepared samples has been done by an exposure of different reducing gases (ammonia, ethanol, formaldehyde, acetone and xylene) at different temperatures and various gas concentrations. The response and recovery time of the samples are also assessed. From the data, it has been found that all the films shows better response towards ammonia. It has been found that 15% of Cu-ZrO2 sensor showed higher sensitivity (43.18%), faster response (60 s) and recovery time (60 s) among all the samples which proves that the addition of Cu boosted up the gas sensing nature of ZrO2 nano structure.



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  1. 1.Thin Film Laboratory, Department of PhysicsNational Institute of TechnologyTiruchirappalliIndia

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