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Temperature sensitivity analysis of vertical tunneling based dual metal Gate TFET on analog/RF FOMs

  • Neha ParasEmail author
  • Sudakar Singh Chauhan


In this paper, we present a rigorous numerical simulation study on temperature sensitivity for tunnel field effect transistor (TFET). The presented temperature sensitivity analysis is studied on different digital, analog and RF figure of merits for conventional TFETs. In addition, sensitivities of the conventional TFETs are compared with proposed vertical tunneling-based TFET (V-DMGTFET) and detailed discussion is presented for the same. In comparative study, we observed that proposed V-DMGTFET is less sensitive to temperature variations compared to the conventional TFETs. This indicates that proposed V-DMGVTFET is more reliable to use in low power application at high temperatures compared to the conventional TFET.



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