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Surfactant-free synthesis and experimental analysis of Mn-doped ZnO–glycerol nanofluids: an ultrasonic and thermal study

  • Alok Kumar Verma
  • Devraj SinghEmail author
  • Satyendra Singh
  • Raja Ram Yadav


A simplistic and environment-friendly approach has been used to prepare surfactant-free Mn-doped ZnO–glycerol nanofluids using high power sonicator. Thermal conductivity of the prepared nanofluids has been measured as a function of temperature and concentration. Maximum thermal conductivity enhancement ~ 32% at 40 °C has been observed with very low nanoparticles loading (2.0 vol% of Mn-doped ZnO-nanoparticles) which is significantly larger than the presently synthesized ZnO–glycerol nanofluids, and that of reported earlier on ZnO-ethylene glycol, and other glycerol-based nanofluids. Our present investigation shows that the thermal conductivity of nanofluids can be increased up to a significant level by changing other physical properties of incorporated nanoparticles than increasing concentration of nanoparticles to a large extent. Various physical phenomena including Brownian motion induced convection effect in conjunction with ballistic diffusion have been proposed for anomalous thermal conductivity enhancement. This may be valuable for various cooling applications and may open avenues for further exploration of efficient heat management with the help of nanosized doped metal oxide suspensions.



One of us (AKV) acknowledges the financial support provided by the University Grants Commission, India. We are grateful to Mr. Vimal Kumar Shukla for stimulated discussion. We are highly grateful to the reviewers for their constructive comments to enrich the quality of our manuscript.


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    • 1
  • Devraj Singh
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    Email author
  • Satyendra Singh
    • 3
  • Raja Ram Yadav
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  2. 2.Amity Institute of Applied SciencesAmity University Uttar PradeshNoidaIndia
  3. 3.Department of PhysicsMaharana Pratap Government Post Graduate CollegeHardoiIndia

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