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A broadband plasmonic light absorber based on a tungsten meander-ring-resonator in visible region

  • Can Cao
  • Yongzhi ChengEmail author
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We present the design and numerical simulations of a broadband plasmonic light absorber (PLA) based on a tungsten meander-ring-resonator (MRR) structure in visible region. The proposed PLA is composed of a periodic MRR array and a continuous tungsten (W) film separated by a dielectric substrate. Simulation results indicate that the absorbance of our PLA is up to 99.9% at 538 THz, and it is over 90% from 370 to 854 THz across the whole visible region. The simulated electric field distributions reveal that the stronger broadband absorption is caused by the excitation of localized surface plasmon (LSP), propagating surface plasmon (PSP) and guide mode resonances. Further simulation indicates that designed PLA is polarization insensitive and has a wide angle for both transverse electric (TE) and transverse magnetic (TM) modes. In addition, the impact of the geometric parameters of the designed PLA on the absorption spectrum was also studied systematically. Owing to its superior performance, the proposed PLA based on tungsten MRR can be a potential application in thermal imaging, emissivity control and solar energy harvesting.



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant nos. 61504171, 61605147), the Natural Science Foundation of Hubei China (Grant no. 2017CFB588), and the Science and Technology Research Project of Education Department of Hubei China (Grant no. D20181107).


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