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Investigation of physical properties of magnetoelectric LaFeO3–ErMnO3 lead-free nanocomposites

  • Debajyoti Nath
  • S. K. MandalEmail author
  • A. Nath


Magnetoelectric coupling has been investigated in lead-free nanocomposites of LaFeO3x–ErMnO3 (1−x) (x = 0.2 and 0.3) prepared by pyrophoric reaction process having piezomagnetic phase of LaFeO3 and piezoelectric phase of ErMnO3, while this nanocomposite reveals the signature of product property, i.e., Magnetoelectric coupling and magnetocapacitance effect (~ 50%) at room temperature attribute the enhancement of space charge polarisation of nanoparticles. Coexistence of both phases in nanocomposites is confirmed by X-ray diffraction technique. Electrical susceptibility corresponds to the domain wall motion due to electrostriction property. Temperature-dependent impedance analysis provides the evidence of space charge accumulation in nanocomposites exhibiting negative temperature coefficient resistance effect of the sample. The estimated activation energy from the Arrhenius fit suggests the hopping of carriers between La2+ and La3+ and Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions in the materials. The importance of the present study is the developing urge to know the details of magnetoelectric coupling and transport properties of a system for its technological applications.



Authors acknowledge to the Central Research Facility, NIT Agartala, DST Project (no. SR/FTP/PS-019/2012), India, for providing us some experimental facilities.

Supplementary material

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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsNational Institute of Technology AgartalaTripuraIndia

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