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IDID: Inherited Diseases in Dogs: Web-based information for canine inherited disease genetics

  • David R. SarganEmail author


The domestic dog (Canis familiaris) shows greater phenotypic variation than any other mammal. A corollary of this variation has been the recognition of more naturally occurring inherited diseases in dogs than have been cataloged in any other species apart from man. Recent catalogs list more than 370. A searchable Web-based database “Inherited Diseases in Dogs” ( has been developed. It catalogs diseases and conditions of dogs which are likely to be transmitted wholly or partly through a genetic mechanism, together with breeds in which they have been described. It contains disease listings and short descriptions, genetic and molecular genetic summaries where known, and connects to entry points to the literature on each disease.


Inherit Disease Canis Familiaris Separate Record Concise Record Disease Listing 



The author wishes to acknowledge the help of Dr. Marjory Brooks (James A. Baker Institute of Animal Health, Cornell University) in the initial stages of compiling the content of the database, of Helen Sargan in designing the web interface, and of Janet Smith in helping to populate the databases.


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