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Pediatric rheumatology in Turkey

  • Amra Adrovic
  • Ozgur KasapcopurEmail author


Pediatric Rheumatology is an emerging specialty in Turkey with increasing number of available centers and specialists all over the country. In this paper, we sought to provide an overview on pediatric rheumatology service in our country, as well as to assess the principle published literature from Turkey in this field. A systematic literature search has been performed to achieve the significance and the impact of this manuscript. The most relevant used databases (PubMed/MEDLINE, Web of Science, SCOPUS) for peer-reviewed studies and reviews in English language published during the last 5 years were screened. In the first part of the manuscript, we tried to give more details on the history of pediatric rheumatology in Turkey. In further text, we put an accent over the most common rheumatologic conditions among children in Turkey, including Familial Mediterranean fever, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, juvenile spondyloarthropathies, and childhood vasculitides. Despite the considerable literature from Turkey on pediatric rheumatic diseases, a need for unique strategies that would guide the management of rheumatic diseases in childhood remains open. The cultural and historical inheritance together with geographical position make the Turkey a suitable ground for investigations in filed of auto-inflammation and all other inflammatory conditions. Prospective, multicentric studies especially among rheumatologic conditions common in this part of the world would give us more relevant data and open new horizons in diseases’ management. International collaborations and databases should be highly encouraged and supported, to make the care of pediatric rheumatic disease uniform.


Familial Mediterranean fever Juvenile idiopathic arthritis Spondyloarthropathies Pediatric rheumatology Turkey 



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