PVGA/Alginate-AgNPs hydrogel as absorbent biomaterial and its soil biodegradation behavior

  • G. M. Estrada-VillegasEmail author
  • G. Morselli
  • M. J. A. Oliveira
  • G. González-Pérez
  • A. B. Lugão
Original Paper


PVGA, silver nitrate (AgNO3) and alginate (Alg) were cross-linked by using γ-ray radiation to obtain Alg/PVGA/AgNPs as a potential biomaterial. The hydrogel composition was characterized by several analytics methods, and the morphology was evaluated by scanning electron microscopy. The swelling behavior was tested in different mediums. The stability of AgNPs was followed by UV–Vis at 400 nm for 1 month. The hydrogel soil biodegradation was analyzed by visual observation, weight loss, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and thermogravimetric analysis for 120 days. A simple biodegradation mechanism has been proposed based on results. Additionally, cytotoxicity assays were carried out using NCTC 929 cells to observe cell viability.


Biomaterial Cross-linking Biodegradation Hydrogel Silver nanoparticles 



We also thank M.Sc. Pablo A. S. Vásquez, Center for Radiation Technology (CTR-IPEN-SP), for irradiation support; Microscopy and Microanalysis Laboratory (CCTM-IPEN-SP) and project CONACYT 296395 for partial support.


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