A photochromic waterborne polyurethane-based dye with chemically fixed azobenzene groups

  • Xianhai HuEmail author
  • Xiang Liu
  • Manli Liu
  • Gen Li
  • Congliang Cheng
Original Research


A photochromic waterborne polyurethane-based dye with azobenzene groups WPU-DDB-3BF was prepared by incorporating Disperse Diazo Black 3BF (DDB-3BF, CAS: 6232-57-1) into the polyurethane chain according to a modified acetone process. The expected structure of WPU-DDB-3BF was characterized by FT-IR, Raman and UV–Vis spectra. Containing the well-known dye of azobenzene groups, WPU-DDB-3BF exhibits a slow photochromic process. Compared with DDB-3BF, the isomerization time of WPU-DDB-3BF has obviously grown longer. The improved thermal stability of WPU-DDB-3BF is ascribed to the attachment of azobenzene units to polyurethane backbone chains. The polyester fibers dyed with WPU-DDB-3BF show high color yield (K/S), outstanding breaking strength retention, excellent breathability and strong wrinkle resistance. From the experimental results, WPU-DDB-3BF possesses outstanding photochromism and dyeing performance.


Waterborne polyurethane Photochromic polymer Polymeric dye Dyeing properties 



The authors are grateful for the financial supports of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51573001) and the Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province (No. 1508085MB36).


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  • Xiang Liu
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  • Manli Liu
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  • Gen Li
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  • Congliang Cheng
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