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New crystalline poly(aniline-co-benzidine)/bentonite microcomposites: synthesis and characterization

  • Ayman S. Al-HussainiEmail author
Original Paper


A new series of poly(aniline-co-benzidine)/bentonite microcomposites have been fabricated by fivefold molar amounts of aniline to benzidine through utilizing various bentonite quantities by in situ copolymerization. The obtained outcomes have been justified using spectral and thermal characteristics analyses. Furthermore, the copolymer microcomposites morphology has been investigated utilizing SEM and TEM. XRD of the pristine material and microcomposites revealed that they are polycrystalline in their nature.

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Copolymerization Microcomposites Bentonite Crystallinity Exfoliated composites 


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