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, Volume 75, Issue 9, pp 4273–4289 | Cite as

Impact of UV-absorber and photo-sensitizer on the irradiated waste polyethylene hoses

  • Mona Y. ElnaggarEmail author
  • E. S. Fathy
  • H. Radi
Original Paper


Composite films of waste polyethylene (WPE) hoses containing carbon black (CB) as UV-stabilizer, and benzophenone (BP) as UV-absorber and photo-sensitizer were prepared. The effect of both CB and BP on the WPE hoses has been studied under the influence of thermal aging. Prepared composites before and after aging were subjected to gamma radiation at 50 kGy and characterized by determining the carbonyl index derived from FTIR, mechanical parameters, DSC, TGA, and SEM. Remarked improvement in the mechanical and thermal parameters were generally determined by the incorporation of CB and BP. Furthermore, melting temperature of composites after aging did not change with CB/BP loaded and reduces the effectiveness of the biodegradability of the films. The mechanism suggested that biodegradation rates were reduced with incorporation of both CB/BP and the composites become more resists to photo-degradation.


WPE hoses Carbon black Benzophenone Thermal analysis Mechanical parameters 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Polymer Chemistry DepartmentEgyptian Atomic Energy Authority, National Center for Radiation Research and TechnologyNasr CityEgypt
  2. 2.Radiation Chemistry DepartmentEgyptian Atomic Energy Authority, National Center for Radiation Research and TechnologyNasr CityEgypt

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