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, Volume 97, Issue 12, pp 2269–2278 | Cite as

Prognostic and therapeutic stratification in CLL: focus on 17p deletion and p53 mutation

  • Valeria BuccheriEmail author
  • Wolney Gois Barreto
  • Laura Maria Fogliatto
  • Marcelo Capra
  • Mariana Marchiani
  • Vanderson Rocha
Review Article


Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), a disorder for which B cell heterogeneity and increased cellular proliferation play central pathogenic roles, displays several genetic abnormalities that are associated with poor prognosis and have therapeutic implications. In this review, we discuss the prognostic role and therapeutic implications of chromosome 17p deletions and TP53 mutations in CLL. Unlike other recurrent genetic abnormalities, the frequency of TP53 alterations is relatively low in newly diagnosed patients, but increases sharply with disease progression, which suggests that these alterations represent an evolutionary mechanism of resistance. In comparison with patients without such abnormalities, those with 17p deletions and TP53 mutations have lower response rates and more aggressive disease. One important consequence of the diverse molecular mechanisms that affect the TP53 pathway is the need to assess both the presence of 17p deletion and TP53 mutations before treatment initiation. Several authors have attempted to incorporate TP53 abnormalities in different prognostic models for CLL, and the recent International Prognostic Index for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia formally considers patients with TP53 abnormalities (deletion 17p or TP53 mutation or both) as high-risk. Several novel agents may improve results in patients with CLL, including in those with TP53 mutations. Ibrutinib, idelalisib, and venetoclax have been approved in various settings and countries for treatment of CLL. Further progress in targeted therapy and judicious use of chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, and reduced-intensity allogeneic transplantation will provide patients with CLL in general, and those with TP53 abnormalities in particular, with a better prognosis.


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