Dural arteries of the dorsoclival area

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  • Cyrille Decante
  • Stéphane Ploteau
  • Antoine Hamel
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In the literature, there is a lack of complete description of dural arteries of the dorsoclival area with contradictory data. However, dorsoclival area is a site of tumors and vascular malformation or the skull base. That is why, the knowledge of dural arteries is very important.


Using a colored silicone mix preparation, fifteen sides of eight cranial bases were studied using 4–20× magnification of the surgical microscope.


Dorsoclival area is supplying by three arterial complexes, internal carotid artery complex with always the dorsal meningeal artery for the superior two-third of the clivus, medial clival artery for the dorsum sellae, the external carotid artery complex with the hypoglossal and jugular branches of the ascending pharyngeal artery for the inferior one-third of the clivus, and the vertebral artery complex with the anterior meningeal artery for the most inferior part of the clivus and the anterior edge of the foramen magnum. Moreover, there are many anastomoses between those three arterial complexes at this area.


Dural arterial supply of the dorsoclival area is very opulent. Its knowledge is important for surgical approaches and endovascular procedures.


Anatomy Dura mater Dorsoclival area Dorsal meningeal artery Ascending pharyngeal artery Vertebral artery 


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