Replaced posterior cerebral artery (PCA): origin of all branches of the PCA from the anterior choroidal artery diagnosed by MR angiography

  • Akira UchinoEmail author
  • Tomoya Kamide
  • Hiroki Kurita
Anatomic Variations


We present a rare variant of the right posterior cerebral artery (PCA), recently named “replaced PCA,” that demonstrates the origin of all its branches from the right anterior choroidal artery (AChA) on magnetic resonance (MR) angiography. In this variation, the right posterior communicating artery (PCoA) is hypoplastic and resembles the transposition of the AChA and PCoA. Detection of such rare arterial variations on MR angiographic images requires careful review of images, including source images, and partial maximum-intensity-projection images aid their identification.


Anterior choroidal artery Cerebral arterial variation Magnetic resonance angiography Posterior cerebral artery Posterior communicating artery 



We thank Rosalyn Uhrig, M.A. for her editorial assistance in the preparation of this manuscript.

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AU carried out the study design and drafting of the manuscript. AU, TK and HK performed data acquisition and made a critical review of the manuscript. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript.

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  1. 1.Department of Diagnostic RadiologySaitama Medical University International Medical CenterHidakaJapan
  2. 2.Department of Cerebrovascular SurgerySaitama Medical University International Medical CenterSaitamaJapan

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